The gift of India, the king of fruits. The Mango or Mangifera indica goes by many names. Although each variety of Mango has its own signature taste, color, and flavor,  the vast nutritional value stays the same. In India (where 'Mango Lassi' originated from) mangoes have the purest flavor. In hot summer days, Mango Lassi is a favorite beverage and it is a fusion of cold mango pulp, yogurt, and fresh spices. 

Nobody Knows Mango Like us!

Nobody Knows Mango Like us!



As a child in India, I explored my grandparent's vast mango plantation and enjoyed the mangoes right off the tree. 
Even now, I remember the taste of fresh mangoes and their flavor.  I knew that yogurt in our state is also delicious. So,  my thoughts instantly went to Mango Lassi (a world-famous beverage made with yogurt and Mango), so my idea was born.

I always remembered one mango variety called Alphonso for its excellent taste and flavor.  Alphonso mangoes hail from the west coast of India. Due to the varied conditions there,  it has a distinct but powerful flavor and taste. Because of this, it is the favored Mango in India and all over the world.

I carefully chose mangoes from this region in India to import the mango pulp (all-natural and no preservatives) and preparing the beverage. Our Mango Lassi has the best flavor, taste, and excellent nutritional value.

Environmentally Friendly!

Nobody Knows Mango Like us!


We will be at farmers markets through summer.

Shorewood (Every Sun)

Fox Point (Every Sat)

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